Warm Spa Regards!

Situated in one of the most upmarket and lush suburbs of Harare, Amara's Health Spa presents an air of wellness and serenity. The luxurious gardens house your innermost calmness while shielding away the clutter of a busy city, giving you the much-needed breath of fresh air without having to travel for miles to get it.
The Spa comprises of 10 treatment rooms architecturally decorated into soothing moods of various colours.

The African thatch also brings with it a fresh coolness indoors all year round. We boast of a highly qualified team of experts to ensure your peace of mind and offering you a service only second to none. Because the African weather is so beautiful, we have taken full advantage of it and complimented our existing services with outdoor massage areas fully equipped with a jacuzzi, sit-in pool and showers.